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      Whether you’re looking to move one piece of machinery or an entire plant we can do the job. Our diverse team includes master riggers, engineers, and most importantly folks that aren’t afraid to work hard and get dirty. Our experience in getting  jobs done under less than favorable conditions by using ingenuity instead of throwing money at them makes us the right choice for tough jobs. Additionally, our goal of doing a good job and forming long lasting customer relationships drives us to continually find better methods and excel at even the most common machine moving tasks. We look forward to hearing from you and we will be more than happy to give you a consultation no matter how small or large your rigging and moving project.

Picking a printing machine out of second floor window at 30000 sq ft factory

Upper floor-Window Challenges

We’ve had many projects that involved taking machinery out of upper story windows. In one instance we were able to fabricate an attachment for our high reach 30000 lb forklift that reduced the time required from window to truck from 6 hrs. to 1 Hr. Another job required that we empty a plant of more than 30 truckloads of equipment from a basement absent of any kind of elevator. We were able to setup our gantry and remove this machinery at less than a tenth of the time that it took to install.





From removing highly specialized process equipment in New Jersey food plants to removing cooling towers in Waterbury Ct. We have extensive experience in the economical disposal of surplus-scrap machinery. In certain instances we even pay for the surplus-scrap.



Some of the many Machines that our riggers have moved

Machine Tools



Process machines

Chemical equipment


Fabricating Machinery

Construction equipment

Milling machines



CNC machines

VMC machines

Turning centers



Packaging Machines

Cooling Towers

Plastic Injection molding


Air Conditioning Equipment

Filling equipment


Stamping equipment

Bridgeport Milling


Bending Mach.

lifting Equip.

Radial Drills

Automotive Equipment

Electrical Equipment



Trade School Machines

Manufacturing Equipment



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Crating /Skidding

Today more than ever machinery gets shipped all over the world. Typically, machine shipping costs are greatly reduced by crating items and shipping them via Common Carrier. Additionally, your valuable equipment stands much less of a chance of getting damaged when it’s properly skidding/crated.  The huge need for this service keeps us continually looking for ways to help our customers to safeguard their shipment and save money. Many times building a new custom skid is not economically feasible; however, we keep a stock of skids around from the new machines we’ve delivered. Many times we can modify them to fit your needs and help you save money.






Mims race car at lebanon Valley new york
Mims Machinery movers taking large stamping press out of machine shop
Mims truck picking up new Bridgeport Milling Machines in Connecticut

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