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Mims is always looking for good helpers and master riggers.

Helpers-Laborers Prerequisites
• Good physical condition
• Clean motor vehicle record
• Clean criminal record
• Good eyesight
• Loud clear voice
• Nonsmoker
• No objections with long hours and or weekend-holiday work
• No height
• No objections to getting covered in grease, dirt, oil, etc.
• Cell phone
• Able to follow instructions
• Be willing to carry a tape measure, a flashlight, and a pocket-sized notebook
• Be drug-free and willing to be tested
• Any other skills-knowledge in order to do the job safely

Master Rigger Prerequisites

• All of the helpers' prerequisites
• A good amount of knowledge and hands-on skill in Oxy-Acetylene cutting,
Stick welding, and plasma cutting
•  A good amount of knowledge and hands-on skills  in Carpentry, crating, and skidding
• Know crane hand signals
• Know forklift signals
• Basic electrical safety practices
• Knowledge and practice in disconnecting Machinery from electrical power, air, water, and any other accessories that may be hooked up
• How to prepare machines for shipping
• How to secure machines on truck
• How to Tarp machines
• Distribute weight on a truck properly
• Safe practice of placing pylons - redirecting traffic
• Asses helpers
• Basic knowledge of basic mathematics including but not limited to geometry, calculation of forces
• Cell phone with GPS and internet service
• Ability to research information online including but not limited to machine weights, weights of materials, strength of materials-lifting devices
• Assess theft control issues such as where to leave equipment parked
• Knowledge of first aid
• Maintain equipment and deal with breakdowns
• Differentiate between less-than-perfect conditions and unsafe conditions
• Have a class A CDL as well as OSHA OSHA-approved forklift operator license
• Determine which fluids should be drained out of a machine for transport and the safe practice of doing so
• Estimate simple moving jobs
• Be diplomatic in less than friendly conditions
• Drug-free and willing to be tested
• How to sling irregular loads for lifting
• Recognize all safety hazards
• Leave the work area free of hazards
• Any other skills-knowledge in order to do the job safely

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